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Volunteers represent a diverse group of individuals, companies, schools, and organizations, so it’s important to know how to accommodate anyone one who walks through your doors looking to give their time. Volunteering is a great way to try new things but also might be the first contact an individual will have with your organization. Here are some tips on how to accommodate your volunteers, and provide an experience worth repeating.

Accommodating Volunteers - The Basics

Step 1| Before They Arrive

Make sure you provide your volunteer with the information they need in order to be successful and enjoy their time. Your volunteer opportunity should list information regarding parking, when/where to arrive, and what to expect. You should also have the appropriate number of staff and materials available in order to complete the project at hand.

Step 2| While You Have Them

Introduce yourself, the organization, and share the impact that their volunteering will make. Let your volunteers introduce themselves and then put them to work because that’s what they signed up for. Communicate any changes to the project, be mindful of their time, and stick to the schedule that they are expecting.

Step 3| After They Leave

Follow up with your volunteers and develop a relationship. Thank them for their time and effort, and highlight the impact they made that day. Invite them to continue making that impact and volunteering with your organization again.

E-Volunteer Basics for Agencies



Day of Action 

What is Day of Action?

Day of Action is the largest annual volunteer event in York County that brings together organizations, groups, and individuals from across the community to do two things: volunteer and give back.

How does it work?

Day of Action consists of two main parts: volunteers, and volunteer projects. Any nonprofit can submit a volunteer project that fulfills a need the organization has. Once a list of projects has been created, volunteer registration opens to the community in which groups and individuals can sign up to volunteer at a project of their choice.

What’s the impact?

2019 Day of Action Numbers
1,081 Volunteers Involved - 107 Companies Engaged - 87 Projects Hosted

How to get involved?

There are two ways to get involved with Day of Action: volunteer or host a project. Nonprofits can submit their projects starting at the beginning of March, and then during mid-April project registration opens to the community for sign ups. For more information refer to the training guides or contact the volunteer coordinator below.

Day of Action Training Guide 2020

Project Ideas Flyer

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Bryce Kruger
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
United Way of York County